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Private Patrol Operators are increasingly adding to their Service Offerings by Incorporating Bail Enforcement Services in the area of Fugitive Recovery Services ~ Make Yourself More Marketable to Employers while seeking Employment in the Security Industries.


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Jobs in Security are going to those with widest skillsets to include the private bail enforcement of wanted fugitives by bail bondsmen who run bail bonds companies.

More and more private patrol operators are in fact sending their employees to California's Most Trusted Name in Bail Education - Bailspeak, for the purpose of widening their service offerings.

Be marketable and be sure to get your place in the private security and bounty hunting job market.




Bounty Hunter Schools is a common set of keywords used by those conducting Internet searches and who are wishing to delve into the art of Fugitive Recovery as a Bail Enforcement Agent.


One must take care to fully research any and all purporting to be affiliated with or teaching or otherwise running what is commonly called a Bounty Hunter School.


There are immediate “Red Flag” declarative statements, generally in writing but sometimes orally (if the listed phone number is actually answered) made, that should serve as cautionary axioms that fire up synapses between a person’s neurons with emphasis in the realm of strong warnings such as follows:


·         Be Certified to Bounty hunt in all 50 states—Legally Impossible!

·         Earn up to X amount of dollars yearly—Impossible to Individually Calculate!

·         Job Placement Available—Bail Simply Doesn’t work in this way!

·         Earn Your Bounty Hunting Degree—Un-accredited “degrees” may cost $60K!

·         Earn Your Degree Online—Costly and Unproven Effectiveness!

·         Join a “Network” for X amount—There is no known So-called “Network”

·         Criminal Justice Degree needed—See above “Red Flags”


So how does one become a bounty hunter?


1.      Research the laws of the state where you intend to bounty hunt in, if it is legal in your state at all, and seek out training and education in that precise state!  There is no known program that can train you in all of the states where there is commercial bail.


2.      Bounty Hunting is a Trade, like that of a carpenter, electrician, plumber, or machinist to the extent that one should strive to become an apprentice under a veteran bounty hunter who bounty hunts legally.


3.      There are many ways to become a bounty hunter, and the Red Flags noted above should be thoroughly investigated for veracity, legality, and reputation.


Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Provider with over 1,000 Alumni and many of whom are now working in the bail bonds industry; indeed, top bail bond and bounty hunting recruiters routinely contact Bailspeak when hiring!


Are you an experienced bail bond company owner or bounty hunter or both?  See a proven, winning small business model designed to get your bail bonds and bounty hunter training school up and running at the by way of as a comparator.

Irrespective of your own personal reasons or life circumstances, it is honorable that you yourself decided to "Observe and Report" as an employee for a private patrol operator that is tasked with protecting property and maybe even people on personal or executive protection details.

The United States economy has been fluttering and is expected to sputter for the next 3 to 5 years, according to economists who speak without a political agenda. What this means to you is that in order to keep your lights on and feed your family it will be necessary to delve into what is referred to as "multiple revenue streams" wherein you have multiple sources of income—when one dries up another is still producing income.

At this very moment, your security officer competitors are doing what you are only thinking of and entering into the bail bonds industry. "Be first; be daring; be different," and make yourself more marketable in the California job market by getting your bail agent pre-licensing certificate.

Become a Bounty Hunter, Bail Bondsman, Posting Bail Agent, or start your own bounty hunting or bail bonds company by undertaking bail agent prelicensing with California's Premier Bail Education School with Alumni who are working in the bail bonds industry or enhancing their security guard careers with extra skillsets.

Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Provider with Hundreds of Alumni who have success stories that includes sending their new hires to Bailspeak in order to expand their own bail and bounty hunting businesses.

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I am noticing more and more so-called bounty hunter schools offering instruction or jobs in either “serving warrants” in the United States or bounty hunting outside the United States.  I find these advertisements curious inasmuch that bounty hunters do not serve warrants, and bounty hunting outside the United State is illegal; moreover, it is worth mentioning that I am also a bail bond company owner, so, if one is inclined to subscribe to ill-informed education about lawful bounty hunting, please feel free to call collect with information about co-signers, collateral, and how premium is to be paid.  Lastly, I am also considered an “Expert Witness” in bail related matters should your defense attorney require such testimony—if the prosecution doesn’t subpoena me first.  Either way, I will offer unbiased, unwavering, incontrovertible, and on-point testimony to the best of my knowledge irrespective of whom and what incident I am testifying about. 

~ Rex Venator, Bailspeak’s Primary Instructor

“I don’t think History remembers or even will remember the lackadaisical ones who “played it safe.”  History always seems to keep at the forefront the few risk takers, warriors, and leaders of men.”


~ Rex Venator, Bounty Hunter and Small Business Owner


“Josephus observes that the Romans ‘do not wait for war to begin before handling their arms, nor do they sit idle in peacetime and take action only when the emergency comes – but as if born ready armed they never have a truce from training or wait for war to be declared. Their battle-drills are no different from the real thing; every man works as hard at his daily training as if he was on active service. That is why they stand up so easily to the strain of battle: no indiscipline dislodges them from their regular formation, no panic incapacitates them, no toil wears them out; so victory over men not so trained follows as a matter of course. It would not be far from the truth to call their drills bloodless battles, their battles bloody drills.’”


Josephus, The Jewish War, 194-5 (III)


“The Romans did not wait for war to pick up a sword, and Bounty Hunters do not wait for a gunfight to pick up a pistol.” 


~ Rex Venator