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Bounty Hunter Pre Licensing School

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Retired and Ex-Cops are ideally Suited to

Lateral over into either Bounty Hunting or Bail Bond Jobs


“I cashed out my retirement after 13-years with the city, and now I make more in a month posting bail bonds than the check I left my cop job with.”


~ Former Police Officer and Bail Agency Owner

Jobs for ex cops who worked as city police officers, deputy sheriffs, and federal agents where prior law enforcement report gross earnings ranging from a few hundred to over $20,000.00 a month; indeed, one former police officer reported gross monthly income in excess of what he received after cashing out his retirement; how much you earn is wholly contingent on how hard you are willing to work in conjunction with small business talent and a bit of luck.


There is life after law enforcement—there is a new life with unheard of freedom and earning potential and even adventure.


Leave your home office and return with hundreds or thousands of dollars in cash, check or credit card in 90-minutes versus a full month of clocking in and out; stand up in open court and argue against lawyers but not be a lawyer yourself; travel, meet interesting people and arrest them!


Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance “Approved” Bail Bonds and Bounty Hunting Training School with hundreds of Alumni success stories and a reputation beyond reproach.


Yes.  There are economic opportunities for prior enforcement to live life free from the restraints of retirement, medical release and even termination!

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