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The requirements to become a bounty hunter in California, while seemingly direct pursuant to California Penal Codes Sections beginning with 1299, are immeasurably more convoluted to the extent that one’s more precise queries should fall within the realm of questions more on point to lawful bounty hunting with an emphasis on staying out of criminal court, civil court and the morgue.

Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Provider with nearly 3,000 issued Bail Agent Pre-Licensing Certificates awarded to Bailspeak Alumni and with many now working in the California Bail Bonds Industry as bail bondsmen, posting bail agents, bounty hunters, and ministerial employees of California’s largest bail corporations and Mom & Pops Bail Bonds operations.

The above video by Bailspeak begins to delve into the complexities of how to become a bounty hunter, but, at the same time, it is important to embrace that bail training is hyper-critical and that Bailspeak undeniably Leads the Way in California Bail Training.


Caveat Emptor – Caveat Lector – Caveat Venditor


This Office has received an ongoing pattern of reports spanning several months from numerous persons who independently allege undergoing so-called “certification” or “licensing” courses, mostly in Southern California, with respect to their attempts to comply with the requirements to lawfully bounty hunt in California and beginning with California Penal Code Section 1299.01 of the Bail Fugitive Recovery Persons Act, heretofore called “1299.”


Many of these callers, after thoroughly researching applicable statutes, have themselves come to realize that the courses largely found on Craigslist, pitched by a variety of curious means and characters, paid for and all of which eventually leads people to conclude that such courses failed to meet statutory requirements which is all consistent with many, many ongoing complaints.


In the interest of brevity on this topic, I am taking the liberty of reposting a grainy and seemingly unimportant video wherein a pre-hunt meeting is taking place.  I strongly, strongly suggest those interested in lawful bounty hunting to listen very closely to what is being said and read the captions; indeed, any person who takes approximately 5 minutes and 27 seconds to watch this video once and maybe twice will reduce his or her chances of being drawn into a course that is NOT “approved” by the California Department of Insurance and/or P.O.S.T. pursuant to 1299 and many other statutes from different codes applicable to bounty hunting.


Those persons who believe that they were told a course met any 1299 requirements and such claim turned out NOT to be true, paid money for something that is NOT approved by the California Department of Insurance or P.O.S.T., was handed or otherwise received a so-called California “Bail Enforcement License,” and were told that they could “bounty hunt in all 50 states,” may each wish to take their stories to the local California law enforcement agency or district attorney’s office holding jurisdiction over the geographical location where money changed hands and/or a “class” was held.  Such stories may even spark the interest of a tort lawyer?


Such reports of shady hucksters are not new; however, my efforts to encourage people to notify the appropriate authorities of such activities beginning in 2014 will be new; furthermore, any person who claims to be a Bailspeak instructor who is not, fraudulently collects money for any of Bailspeak’s California Department of Insurance “Approved” courses feloniously, and any person who insists on using Bailspeak’s copyrighted materials in non-Bailspeak classes will have automatically made Bailspeak and its owner the “Victim” to the extent that I myself will pursue all available legal remedies to Protect the Public from people I personally believe are nothing more than common grifters preying on good people who trust or trusted them.


Lastly, this video also explains in great detail what you need to lawfully bounty hunt in California including a synopsis of legally required certification and documentation requirements—five minutes and 27 seconds can Protect the Public.

about bail education bounty hunting association advisories

CAUTION: The Below Video Could Save You Hundreds of Dollars and Hours of Wasted Time ~ Please Take a Moment to Watch the Video and, more importantly, Read the Opinion Editorial below the Video for Your Protection.

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Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man Bike

How to Find Bail Jumpers as a Fugitive Recovery Agent?


STREET PROVEN  bounty hunters display certain sets of intransigent behaviors that most people cannot connect to and therefore do not perceive as virtues but are, nevertheless, inescapably inherent with every accomplished bounty hunter that I have personally met who presents as having a future in bounty hunting.


It is quite a thing to very literally hunt a human being who has chosen to ignore judicial orders and jump bail irrespective of the bail jumpers charges; indeed, like a police car stop, there is no such thing as a “routine” bail fugitive apprehension; accordingly, there is an imperative to practice what law enforcement personnel call “officer safety,” and bounty hunters tracking wanted felony fugitives call it “agent safety” with the emphasis on going home safely to get paid safely.


Apart from confronting a bail fugitive and potentially lethal third party bandit who is hidden or openly loitering in the arrest location and who each know that that a bail apprehension could result in a third strike sentence of 25 to life, bounty hunters must first find the bail jumping fugitive.


What does it take to find a bail fugitive who has skipped bail on misdemeanor or felony case?


Plainly stated, a new bounty hunter MUST FIRST find a bail bond agency owner or corporate officer who will award the new bounty hunter a bail enforcement contract.  In other words, a new bounty hunter must bounty hunt clients for that one person who will present the opportunity to the new bounty hunter to prove his or herself; however, this point brings us back to the “certain sets of intransigent behaviors” generally found to be disagreeable to “normal people” who would never dream of bounty hunting or do dream and can’t because of natural personality barriers that are inconsistent with closing fugitive recovery contracts.


·         A successful bounty hunter is skilled in looking beyond what is plainly presented in favor of trying to look through the obvious to what is either hidden by deception, misdirection, physical objects or even in plain sight.

·         A successful bounty hunter is skilled at discovering seemingly inconsequential details while, at the same time, having the patience to stop, step back and look at the “big picture” to “connect the dots” and all of which may very well make a path shrouded in darkness become visible as if on a summer day at high noon.

·         A successful bounty can confront obstacles and people without an obvious confrontation but is confronting if necessary to light that darkened path.

·         A successful bounty hunter is audacious but not always disliked because of hidden audacity.


Finally, in the interest of brevity, a successful bounty hunter simply will not give up even when submitting to circumstance out of frustration or lack of emotional or financial support from family and friends; a real bounty hunter cannot give up; it simply isn’t a virtue—to give up.


What are prospective bail bond clients looking for in a new bounty hunter?  The answer is a personal one and shall be left in your capable discretion ~ Stay Safe & Watch Your Six.

Harley Davidson Marlboro Man Bike

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Please Feel Free to Check back for the latest Progress Black Death Update


Or is Bail very much Alive?


Opinion Editorial


By Rex Venator


“Bail is dead; don’t get into bail!” is a commonly stated reply to people who randomly and curiously contact bail agency owners to essentially, and I am paraphrasing, ask as follows: “I’d like to become your direct competition, but I first need to know from you yourself if it is a good idea to become your competition; therefore, should I get into bail?”


The strategy of making inquiry as loosely described above is very curious to me; moreover, I cannot attach any understanding as to why anyone would, and many people often report doing essentially what is described above, approach a person in an industry with an oblique agenda that is pretty obvious to any first year bail agent.


Here we arrive at whether or not it is a good idea to enter into the bail industry based on unbiased, anecdotal and empirical evidence available on this bail education website, Facebook page, and any of Bailspeak’s other websites versus an apocryphal as referenced in paragraph one above.


My opinion on the subject is unbiased because I spend more time on a landline or cellular phone trying to talk people OUT of pursuing a career in the bail bonds and bounty hunting industries over encouraging the attempt to do so.


Why would a bail educator try to steer people away from bail and bounty hunting?  This question may be answered by an historical fact framed as a question; why are hundreds upon hundreds of Bailspeak Alumni now working in the California Bail Bonds Industry in one or more capacities? Could it be that Bailspeak Alumni are principally hardy folks who Could Not and Would Not be talked out of attempting to enter into the bail bonds and bounty hunting realm of the American Justice System in a ten minute phone call?


It is my position that any person who strikes out into the California Bail Industry via Bailspeak succeed, and, if I can talk a person out of the proper application of “intestinal fortitude” in a five or ten minute phone call then, perhaps, bail or bounty hunting isn’t right for them and will bluntly state as much more frequently than not.  I do not intend to be “mean-spirited” by talking people out of bail and bounty hunting; I simply advance an honest opinion based on available conversational questions and answers to save people time and money.


So, is “Bail Dead?”  Spend some time on Bailspeak’s Mother Website and any of its related sister websites where you will find:


·         Bail Class Photos primarily installed on each bail website for consumer protection

·         Bail Class Photos primarily depicting a very high percentage of new bail hires

·         Verifiable testimonials from 100s of real people who put their opinions of Bailspeak in writing

·         Is it not reasonable to conclude that Bailspeak and its History would not exist but for a lively California Bail Industry?


So is “Bail Dead?”  Visit any of Bailspeak’s Bail Education websites including, Facebook and YouTube, and you will find:


·         Bail Agent Pre-Licensing class videos

·         Real Bounty Hunting videos

·         Taser User Certification videos

·         Bail Motion Continuing Bail Education Videos

·         Bounty Hunter quasi tutorial videos

·         Bail Bonds Marketing Videos

·         Harley Davidson just because videos


Is it not reasonable to conclude that if “bail” really was “dead” then there is no way that Bailspeak’s Internet videos could possibly be rapidly approaching a half a million views in such an obscure area of the employment market and criminal justice system?


Is bail or bounty hunting for everyone?  No.  If bail and bounty hunting were easy then it wouldn’t be so obscure.


Can you succeed in bail or bounty hunting?  I cannot answer whether or not you can make it in bail or bounty hunting because I don’t know you or anything about you; however, what I do know are people—lots and lots of people—who are making it in bail and bounty hunting but they all work their hindquarters off—non-stop!


So, is “Bail Dead?”  Perhaps this question is best decided by you?

Can Independent Bounty Hunter Contractors who are not Licensed Bail Agents Draft and Appear on a Bail Bond Motion for Sole Proprietorships or Bail Bond Corporations?


Opinion Editorial & Analysis


By Bailspeak’s Primary Bail Education Instructor, Rex Venator


The following is based on my personal, layman’s opinion as a private citizen who is simply observing his civic duty.


I thought to follow up and add that the prior email on bounty hunters drafting moving papers and appearing in court for a bail bond surety isn’t applicable, in my personal opinion, with a licensed bail agent, appointed as an agent by the real party in interest bail bond surety moving a court, drafting and appearing under penal code law—so long as the bail agent is appearing for a sole proprietorship and not a bail bond corporation.


It is my personal, layman’s opinion that Penal Code §1305 subsection j does allow for “the bail agent” to draft and appear for an unincorporated bail bond company when he or she is appointed by the surety upon which the bond was written.


It is my personal, layman’s opinion that Penal Code §1305 subsection j carries greater weight and is deemed controlling over Business and Professions §6125 for the purposes of bail agents drafting and appearing on instant, civil matters injected into an existing criminal matter before a superior court.


There are published case cites, however, where the Civil Code of Procedures has sections that are controlling over certain Penal Code, bail related sections, but, for the purposes of this personal opinion analysis, bounty hunters who are not licensed bail agents and appointed by the surety do not have standing under Penal Code §1305 subsection j to draft and appear in superior court and are subject to Business and Professions §6125 penalty—in my personal, layman’s opinion.


It is my personal, layman’s opinion that the curiously lamented reference to an obscure California Civil Code of Procedure section that allows for a bounty hunter “surety insurer” to draft and appear in court is seriously flawed and fatal to any bounty hunter’s argument to the extent that Civil Code of Procedure 995.120 subsection a and b defines a “surety insurer” in part as follows: “‘Admitted surety insurer’ means a corporate insurer or a reciprocal or interinsurance exchange to which the Insurance Commissioner has issued a certificate of authority to transact surety insurance in this state, as defined in Section 105 of the Insurance Code,” “For the purpose of application of this chapter to a bond given pursuant to any statute of this state, the phrases ‘admitted surety insurer,’ ‘authorized surety company,’ ‘bonding company,’ ‘corporate surety,’ and comparable phrases used in the statute mean "admitted surety insurer" as defined in this section.”


Whereas, it is my personal, layman’s position that a bounty hunter appearing for a bail bond company as an independent contractor is, arguably, not drafting and appearing as an agent for the surety in any capacity and in such instances the matter in question then defaults to Business and Professions §6125 primarily because one well established structure of bail agents appearing for their own non-incorporated bail companies in superior courts reverts to another dictum based structure where, plainly stated, a private citizen—not even a corporate officer of the surety, which is also not applicable for the purposes of this personal, layman’s analysis—is somehow not even appearing in propria persona for the corporation and is likened to any person simply walking in off the street not to self-represent but to represent an entity that he or she isn’t even a corporate officer or shareholder of and all of which is because the bounty hunter is not a licensed bail agent who is appointed as an agent for any surety.


To be succinct in the interest of brevity, in my personal, layman’s opinion, a bounty hunter working as an independent contractor for a bail bond company is disallowed to appear under Penal law; moreover, Civil Code of Procedures does not apply because in the absence of Penal law applications the bounty hunter is then personally appearing for an incorporated surety where, arguably, said bounty hunter is engaging in the “unlicensed practice of law;” indeed, a corporation is not a natural person and cannot appear in propria persona; it can only appear through counsel with the exception of sending a corporate representative to small claims under Code of Civil Procedure section 116.510.




Thus California today defines law practice as providing “legal advice and legal instrument and contract preparation, whether or not these subjects were rendered in the course of litigation.” Birbower, Montalban, Condo & Frank, P.C . v Superior Court., supra, at 128. Providing legal advice or service is a violation of the State Bar Act if done by an unlicensed person, even if the advice or service does not relate to any matter pending before a court. (Mickel v. Murphy (1957) 147 Cal.App.2d 718, 721.)


The lead case on this is Paradise v. Nowlin (1948) 86 Cal.App.2d 897. Subsequent cases have affirmed its holding that corporations cannot appear pro per for three distinct reasons: (1) any representative sent on behalf of the corporation would be engaged in the unauthorized practice of law; (2) the rule ensures that qualified professionals will appear in court, thereby increasing the efficient and proper administration of justice; and (3) the distinction helps to maintain the wall between the corporation as an entity and its individuals shareholders, directors, and officers. (Id.; see also CLD Construction, Inc. v. City of San Ramon (2004) 120 Cal.App.4th 765, 773.)


A corporation is not a natural person, and therefore cannot appear in an action in propria persona. It can appear only through counsel. (Merco Construction Engineers, Inc. v. Mun.Ct. (Sully Miller Contracting Co.) (1978) 21 Cal.3d 724, 731.) This prohibition stems from the notion a corporate representative who would likely appear on behalf of the corporation would be engaged in the unlicensed practice of law. (Gamet v. Blanchard (2001) 91 Cal.App.4th 1276, 1284.) The prohibition against a corporation's “self-representation” in court also furthers the efficient administration of justice by assuring that qualified professionals present the corporation's case and assist the court in resolution of the issues; and it helps maintain the distinction between the corporation and its shareholders. (CLD Const., Inc. v. City of San Ramon (2004) 120 Cal.App.4th 1141, 1146.)


PC §1305 (j) A motion filed in a timely manner within the 180-day period may be heard within 30 days of the expiration of the 180-day period. The court may extend the 30-day period upon a showing of good cause. The motion may be made by the surety insurer, the bail agent, the surety, or the depositor of money or property, any of whom may appear in person or through an attorney.


PC §1305 (k) In addition to any other notice required by law, the moving party shall give the prosecuting agency a written notice at least 10 court days before a hearing held pursuant to subdivision (f), (g), or (j), as a condition precedent to granting the motion.


(PC 1305 Amended by Stats. 2012, Ch. 129, Sec. 1. Effective January 1, 2013.)







The following video includes subject matter that is only intended to be considered as a Quick Startup Guide on what you should question and research when deciding if wearing body armor is right for you.


DO NOT wear body armor containing or made with Zylon!!!


Wearing body armor has been reported to increase the survival chances of those involved in serious vehicular accidents and collisions with wild animals.


The decision to engage any in activity that may necessitate the need for one to wear body armor should be taken very seriously because we are talking about wearing something that is supposed to stop bullets from entering the parts of your body covered by the body armor.

·         Body armor should not be considered bullet proof; body armor should be considered bullet resistant, and special body armor is needed for stab protection from threats such as sharp knives or ice picks.

·         Never, ever, purchase second-hand, used body armor.

·         Never, ever, purchase body armor from anonymous Internet sources, non specialized online stores, or other decidedly creepy places.

·         Never barrow your buddy’s body armor who can’t tell you where his loaners vest came from.

The Pros and Cons to Tactical Vests

1.      There are all kinds of methodologies to bounty hunting, and not all investigations are handled the same way due to the fact that no two bail jumper cases are identical.

2.      Going through a door after a wanted felony fugitive looking at 25 to life is not a good idea, but sometimes we go through doors and stumble upon such persons.

3.      Low profile investigations aren’t really low profile if one looks like a SWAT operator.

4.      Concealable body armor is my person choice.  I can wear it in low profile mode and under a tactical vest if the investigation calls for it.

5.      Lastly, if a bad guy decides to take you out, will he target your tactical vest or your face?

These are some considerations for your choices on body armor.

Body armor comes in all kinds of different levels and configurations, but we’re going to stick strictly to bail enforcement or fugitive recovery.

·         Make sure you yourself can legally possess body armor.

·         Employ no less than Level IIIA Kevlar panels in your vest, which offers a bit more blunt force protection and is also rated to defeat more of the uncommon rounds such as .44 Magnum hollow points and 9mm sub-machine gun rounds BUT not rifle rounds.

·         Make sure you can move around in your vest choice.  It shouldn’t be too restrictive if possible.

·         Confirm your choice meets the National Institute of Justice ballistic standard of no more (01.01.04) than 1.7” or 44 mm of blunt force indentation trauma, which can kill if a dent caused by a bullet impact is too deep even if the bullet does not pass through the ballistic panel in question.

·         Your vest should be a full wrap around; don’t leave your sides exposed.

·         Get professionally fitted in-person by a manufacturer’s authorized dealer if possible, or take the extra time to contact a reputable source such as the bail enforcement equipment supply store.

·         Six to eight weeks’ll get your body armor.


Manufacturers of body armor products generally recommend changing out your body armor every five years, as Kevlar is believed to degrade and be less likely to defeat bullets with prolonged exposure to body sweat, extremes in cold and heat, and from just general wear.



·         Your vest can’t stop bullets if you don’t wear it.

·         Store your vest flat at room temperature when you’re not wearing it.

·         Do not leave your vest in a vehicle full-time.

·         Keep track of how old your vest is; is it time to replace it?

·         Don’t loan out your used vests to your buddies or anyone else if it is older than 5 years old, been sitting in a trunk for weeks, months or years, or if you picked it up at a gun show, Ebay, or anywhere else but in-person such as a police supply store.


It is my sincere hope that this short Bailspeak Bail Training School video has given you some direction on your research for how to purchase body armor.


Get professionally sized and order your bounty hunter body armor at any Live Bailspeak 20 Hour Bail Agent Pre Licensing Event, which are routinely held in Roseville, Sacramento, Modesto, San Jose, Bakersfield, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and San Diego County—Coming Very Soon to a bail school class near you.


Please Note: a background check is required for body armor purchases.

How to Transport Bounty Hunting Self-Defense Firearms and Fugitive Recovery Equipment in a Pickup Truck


Truck Bed covers and organizers may be critical to fugitive recovery agents practicing the bounty hunting arts as bail enforcement agents in order to protect valuable equipment such as night vision, firearms and other types of digital equipment from inclement weather and even smash and grab opportunists that may only have to reach into the back of a truck bed.


More importantly, the right combination of locked containers may be necessary legally transport firearms, generally speaking, in some states but with specific emphasis on California.


A more specialized type of hunting is that of the professional bail enforcement agent who is hunting wanted felony fugitives for the purposes of exonerating a bail bond as an agent for a bail bonds company or bail insurance company.


Rex Venator is a professional bounty hunter of more than 22 years, a bail bond agency owner, and the primary instructor for California’s Fastest Growing, Most Transparent and Most Trusted name in bail agent pre licensing for both aspiring bail bond workers and fugitive recovery agents—Bailspeak.


In this video, Rex spends an exceptional amount of time explaining why he chose the Dodge Ram 1500, Leer 700 Tonneau Truck Bed Cover and the Decked truck bed organizer and how it all works near symbiotically with the equipment of a professional hunter of mammals that can and do shoot back.