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From the Author of “Modern Bounty Hunting: A Real-Life Guide for the Bail Fugitive Recovery Agent” and “Desktop Bounty Hunter,” comes, by popular demand, the next evolution in Bail Education offerings by California’s Modern Bounty Hunter Rex Venator—an absolutely State-of-the-Art Bounty Hunting Training Program with nearly 4,500 Alumni ranging from the East Coast to Great Britain and all over California!

Bailspeak is insurmountable in leading the way insofar that it is the only California Bail Education, DOI Approved Bail Agent Pre-Licensing School that cannot be replicated in terms of its originality, evolving course methods, and—above all else—its complete and total transparency as evidenced by the photos, videos, and verifiable Alumni testimonials that you will find on this and its sister websites in support of its absolute, unparalleled and stellar bail industry reputation—bar none!


Fugitive Recovery Training is imperative long before one takes action as a fugitive recovery agent who is tasked by bail a bail bonds company owner to conduct bail enforcement operations that are designed to investigate, locate, apprehend and transport a wanted fugitive who has jumped bail back to the jurisdiction from whence the bail jumper in question had fled.


There a great many disciplines to consider in the fugitive recovery trades in order to legally bounty hunt and to bounty hunt safely: knowledge of one’s legal authority as a private citizen to hunt and arrest another private citizen, a working knowledge of how to deescalate potentially critical incidents, personal self defense, physical fitness consistent with fugitive recovery, agent safety, tactical strategies, firearms safety and weapon retention, and how to stay out of criminal court, civil court and the morgue.


Here we arrive at one of the most overlooked aspects of the fugitive recovery business, which is, purely and simply, that a fugitive recovery agent is, in point of fact, running a small business that will require another whole set of commonly neglected skillsets: marketing, advertising, search engine optimization, outpacing competition, winning clients, client retention, tax liabilities, and this list can on for many more hours.


In this video, all the puzzle pieces of how to become a fugitive recovery agent are “hidden in plain sight” to the extent that most people will quickly lose interest and move on, but skilled fugitive recovery agents will see the content of this video for what it is.


Stay Safe and Watch Your Six,


Rex Venator

Bailspeak Fugitive Recovery Training Instructor

Bail Agent Prelicensing to become a bounty hunter or bail bondsman by California's Fastest Growing and Most Trusted Name in California Bail Education, according to its Alumni who have put as much in writing, BAILSPEAK!

The demand for Bailspeak Bail Training Classes has substantially increased, and Bailspeak classes have been increased from once a month to 2 to 3 times a month.

Those wishing to schedule a private class or host a Bailspeak open class should feel free to contact Bailspeak to discuss how that may be arranged.

A host location will need to have a room with tables and chairs and enough room for 12 people to be seated comfortably.

Available DOI Approved Live Classes are:

• 20 - Hour Bail Agent Pre-Licensing Classes

• 6 - Hour Lawful Bounty Hunting Continuing Bail Education

• 6 - Hour Bail Agent Taser Course Continuing Bail Education

• 6 - Hour Bail Bond Motion Studies Continuing Bail Education

Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Provider holding classes in Sacramento, Roseville, Lathrop, Modesto, San Jose, Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, San Diego, Norco Corona, Inland Empire and Privately by Special Order.

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Instructed by Veteran Bounty Hunters

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Bailspeak has been the Primary Source for the best educated candidates according to Top Bail Industry corporate Job Recruiters and sole proprietorship independent bail bond company owners throughout California and with a long and verifiable history of providing the most transparent, most trusted and fastest growing bail agent pre licensing certification; moreover, each bail education venue is intentionally kept small in the spirit of personal attention insofar that excessively large classes have been found not to be conducive to the best learning environments.

Why Proper Bail Education Matters


Opinion Editorial by Rex Venator


I did not wake up one day and decide to be a bail education training instructor with no background in bail and its many, many subparts to include bail fugitive recovery.


My work in California Bail Education arrives from my earlier work in bounty hunting followed by bail bonds and then branching off into many other areas with some related to bail and others unrelated to bail.  In any case, I am able to openly communicate with surety executives, California Department of Insurance personnel, lawyers working on bail related matters in the California Superior Court systems, government investigators trying to understand how bail works, bounty hunters, major bail bond corporations, and the Mom and Pop shops that hire bounty hunters for fugitive recovery work.


As the photo included with this analysis may illustrate, I’ve been working in the California Bail Bonds Industry for many years, and I’ve crashed and burned from time to time but never gave up at anything.


I bring this up today because it would appear that more and more people are themselves branching off into bail education with an emphasis in fugitive recovery or bail enforcement but with an important distinction being the background in bail doesn’t seem to be present.


Succinctly put, while agent safety is very important in bail recovery, emphasizing training away from how to legally apprehend and book bail jumpers in favor of training in guns, guns and more guns is, arguably, counterproductive to becoming a bounty hunter simply because nearly all of those mentioned in paragraph one above and who hire bounty hunters may be held liable for what their bounty hunters do or do not do.  In other words, firearms as a self-defense tool in bounty hunting may very well be a fact and necessary tools of the trade, but people who hire bounty hunters probably won’t be impressed enough to take a purely firearms trained person seriously enough to hire.


How do I know this?  Well, a very long time ago, I myself had to learn how to advertise my bounty hunting services, and bail bond company owners were known to pass on me and anyone else who presented as a liability because the guns were too prevalent in the advertising.  Read: crash and burn and then the advertising problems were (see photograph) quickly fixed.


I maintain that proper firearm training is critical, but having only firearms training may not be a critical ingredient in finding work; accordingly, I find it curious that schools are now advertising bail enforcement courses but the backgrounds of most of the listed instructors is not in bail and in some cases not in bail at all.


This post isn’t about bail school competition popping up; the Free Market will sort out who stays and who goes.  This post is about providing certain points to consider if you or someone you know is thinking of taking steps to become a licensed bail agent, certified bail fugitive recovery person, or need to hire bounty hunters for bail bond forfeitures.


There is more information on how to become a bail bondsman and bounty hunter on the Bailspeak Mother website and many of its support websites ~ Good Luck and Stay Safe!



Opinion Editorial by Rex Venator – See Rex’s Bio HERE


Bounty Hunters and Bail Agents have, in point of fact, been injured, maimed and murdered while making or attempting to apprehend wanted felony fugitive bail jumpers; accordingly, this online Bounty Hunting Pro Store has been redesigned and value engineered to offer specialized supplies, gear, and other types of equipment that are high-end, top of the line, and with little to no profit margins for the store itself.


Since the revamped Real Bounty Hunting online store was launched late last year, it has started to rank in the top spots regarding Internet searches for bail related bounty hunting gear; consequently, others in the same area have responded by touting how inexpensive or, rather, having a “larger selection” or “affordable pricing” to the extent that the priority, in my professional opinion, is that no person should be trying to get the cheapest merchandise out to people who either track or intend to track wanted felony fugitives with some of these very dangerous fugitives and maybe even their associates looking at 25 to life in state prison if captured.


I could very easily direct my staff to load up this online bounty hunting store with an even “larger selection” of miscellaneous, sub-standard products common to law enforcement, but doing so isn’t what this store is about; this store is about good people doing their jobs safely to go home safely to get paid safely, and I can attach no wisdom nor align my personal moral compass to selling inferior products to people who may need their equipment to get paid on the low priority and stay alive to go home safe as the high priority—but this is just me falling back on 23 plus years of hardcore, liability-free bounty hunting.


Real Bounty Hunting is probably the most expensive bail enforcement equipment store on the Internet, and I am comfortable with the fact that it is not a money maker with huge profit margins arriving from marking up potentially useless and inferior equipment bought in bulk and that has utterly failed actual field testing during real bounty hunting operations.


Real Bounty Hunting’s main client base is the nearly 3,000 Alumni of the California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education School, Bailspeak.  Stated differently, this store caters to people who I have met face to face and spend anywhere between 6 and 22 hours with during bail agent pre licensing and bail continuing education classes.  Besides that, I will not allow any product to be purchased from this store that is, purely and simply, not safe.


Yeah, there are more “affordable” prices out there, but consider a few things: is “affordable” code for inferior; does a “larger selection” help you isolate the “best tool for the job”; is a profit driven merchant really going to be comfortable breaking even on sales to get you the highest quality and street proven products because you and those close to you matter more than the bottom line?


Go Home Safely to Get Paid Safely Please.

“It was very informative.  I found it inspiring and learned a lot of new things.”


“Excellent insight regarding topics.  It was extremely interesting with details and stories. You ROCK Rex!”


“Good, relative stories.  Excellent, comprehensive handouts.  Good job!”


“Great examples!  Everything was explained well, life experiences for each lesson was great!”


“The idea that he not only had personal stories but stories from other bail agents and bounty hunters.  Very well educated and wants us to all be the same!”


“The energy of the instructor, the info about what happens if a defendant fails to appear, the topic of techs.”


“Kept me interested and didn’t put me to sleep!  Liked all the personal experience shared.”


“I feel ready to take the test and pass!”


“The speaker was humorous and had many interesting/funny stories to tell. Thank you Instructor Rex for your instruction.”


“I liked the material that was taught!  It’s incredible how much knowledge the instructor has obtained throughout his career!”


“I like the book and handouts with all the information.  I wish we had more time to go over more stuff with Rex!  Very funny and cool!”


“Liked all of it.  I have a way better understanding of bail and the bail industry.  Fast paced, everything was great!”


“Rex makes it fun, even though it’s a lot of stuff and laws, etc.  He really does a great job!  Excellent!”


“The real life stories Rex shared all applied to a class topic.  Thank you!”

“Presentation was clear, direct & lined up with what was advertised.  This class was recommended by several bail agents and it was everything that was mentioned. Very good.”


“Discussion and examples of the course material.  Everything was good!”


“The instructor was willing to answer all questions even on breaks and lunches.  I liked the entire seminar.  Thanks for all your help Rex.”


“I liked how interactive it was and the fact that Rex was animated and made the course fun.  I am very happy to have taken this course and look forward to working in bail.  Thank you to Rex for being such an amazing teacher and keeping it fun.”


“Not boring and I wasn’t sleepy.”


“The instructor was very knowledgeable and up to date.”


“I like how Rex gave examples about personal experiences which help understand each topic.  Course was great.  Very good and knowledgeable instructor.”


“Great Class! If it could be longer, I enjoyed learning from you.  The interaction and the multitude of ways in which the material was taught.”


“The interaction of personal stories as examples and the summarization of P.C. Keep up the great work.  Bad ass class!”


“Stories and examples shared with students.  CE participants also were valuable to have in the class given their personal experiences.”